Submission to My Performance Today

Composer: Carl Seale, Conductor Emeritus, Valley Symphony Orchestra.
Professor Emeritus, University of Texas-Pan American, Edinburg,TX
            Phone 956.686.4033

Program: Three Miniatures for Piano, Oboe and Bassoon. 2008
            Track 1-Miniature #1 Homage to Igor (audio)
            Track 2-Miniature # 2 Follow the Leader (audio)
            Track 3-Miniature # 3 Tarantella

Performers “Tres Bien” Dan Steenken, Piano; Heike Hoffer, Oboe;
Ying Ching Jeter.
Track 4-Windtet (woodwind quintet) 2006 (audio)
                        1. Merryment


            Performers:     Flute, Paula Olday
                                    Oboe, Heike Hoffer
                                    Clarinet, William O’Neil
                                    Bassoon, Ying Ching Jeter
                                    French horn, Barbara Keller






Carl Seale • McAllen • Texas